Advanced Parts

Advanced Parts

Do you want to earn more from your parts operations?

What a silly question. Of course you do! But before we tell you how, try and answer the following…

  • Are your stocking levels set to reduce holding costs and obsolescence?
  • Can your regional distribution hubs make multiple daily deliveries?
  • How quickly can your ‘goods-in’ operations receive and despatch orders?
  • Are parts order discrepancies and returns happening too often?

Transform your parts business

Advanced Parts, which integrates with both the Autoline and Autoline Drive Dealer Management Systems, improves the way that orders can be processed and fulfilled across your entire parts distribution network - helping you reduce stocking costs, improve order turnaround and create more happy customers. Quite simply, it’s about delivering the right parts at the right time to the right customers – every time.

Whether at your parts distribution centres, regional hubs or individual dealerships, Advanced Parts can streamline or automate all the following processes:

  • Centralised order management
  • Back order fulfilment
  • Goods-in
  • Goods-out
  • Picking, packing and despatching
  • Stock checking
  • Returns

Streamline your warehouse operations

Advanced Parts also has full warehouse management capabilities, which permit the use of barcode scanners for speedier and accurate goods in, goods out and stock checking.

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For the customers :

Improved service levels - build customer trust and confidence by ensuring they receive what they ordered first time and on time

For your parts departments

  • Multiple daily deliveries - deliver more parts to more locations, more often
  • Increase productivity - use barcode scanners for receipting, unpacking, cross-docking, picking, packing, despatching and stock-checking
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy – replace paperwork with automated process to reduce the number of incorrect order and back orders
  • Greater stock control and accuracy - with centralised management and administration of your parts operations
  • Reduce stocking costs – cut dealership inventory and obsolescence by increasing delivery frequencies
  • Greater visibility - track all stock movements and view real-time stock situation across the group

For your service departments:

  • Faster turnaround of jobs – improve the availability of stock, reducing back orders
  • Greater order visibility – complete transparency of the complete order trail

For the company as a whole:

  • Reduced parts stocking costs
  • Easier identification of problem areas
  • Lower overall logistics costs
  • Greater scalability of your parts operations
  • Improved reporting and analysis
  • Happier end customers

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Advanced Parts introduction video.

To find out more about how Advanced Parts can help you, watch the demo video below:

Scanner-based Stock Check

Complete your stock check with minimal disruption to your business, saving hours of preparation time and counting. Use scanners to automatically count, update the system-generated stock reports and autocorrect your discrepancy lists. This means that stock checks can be completed in record time.

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